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Bread by Geoff Budden


Flour and water

yeast and fire

toil of kneading

luxury of memory

Fawcett Beaverbrook

Enterprise and Franklin

firebox and oven

Maid of Avalon

Waterloo Home Comfort

warming tray for rising

luxury of butter

necessity of salt

Butter of memory

memory of savour

gift of kneading

the ways of baking

More magic than science

but if science we must call it

then science like butter

ancient and golden.

Geoff Budden

Geoff Budden lives in St John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, where he practices law. He is the father of two young adult daughters and has had poems published in Canada and Australia. Geoff can be found on Twitter at @GeoffBudden

About This Poem

"This poem was inspired by childhood memories of wood-fired ovens and of the women who used them to bake bread for their families and guests."


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