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Toussaint - Cabanes De Fleury by Maryse Smith

Toussaint - Cabanes De Fleury

Not only the high peaks capped with white

But the lower slopes, powdered with silver,

Were daytime beacons.

No vestige now of the host of sun-worshippers

Who only weeks before haunted these dunes.

But the air held warmth, promising a touch of summer,

And we, hopeful beachcombers, discarded jackets,

Heading for the shore.

Maryse Smith

Maryse Smith was born and brought up in Lincolnshire, where she lives today. Maryse has been fascinated by poetry and the power of words from an early age. She taught English at a comprehensive school for over 40 years.

About This Poem

This is part of a longer poem that appears in Maryse's collection, Reflections of The Languedoc by Maryse Smith and Penny Toone. In this anthology Maryse pays tribute to The Languedoc, a unique and diverse area of South Western France which, for many years, she has regarded as her second home.


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