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Point of View by Mary Brown

Point of View

With regard to the heart

of my oldest sister, the one who

stood in for mother, after mother

died: a range of emotions. Her years

of trying to care for three younger siblings:

love receding, resentment overriding.

Our furnace was often empty of oil,

but the barn full of hay. The house

adopted an echo. One arm

of the couch kept falling

off. All she wanted was a horse

and to join the Peace Corps.

With the week’s last dollar

she bought cake instead of soap.

Her shoes did not fit me.

I never bothered to try them on.

Mary Brown's book, Call It Mist, won the Three Mile Harbor Press Book Prize, and her chapbook, Drought, won the Claudia Emerson Poetry Chapbook Award. Mary's poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including, Cave Wall, Valparaiso, Prairie Schooner, and Spillway. When not working on poetry, she devotes time to raising funds for a not-for-profit health care clinic in Santa Barbara, California.


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