Look by Bryana Joy


when I start talking to God again I’ll say look at the black trees sprouting white lace look at the stars in their fields and he’ll look nobody ever looks that’s nice they say without looking I was gone so long god am I glad you’re still here God have I missed you

Bryana Joy

Bryana Joy is a writer, poet, and full-time artist who makes her living sending illustrated snail mail letters all over the world. She spent her childhood in the Middle East and is currently in the middle of a one-year sojourn in York, England with her husband. Her poetry has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Ekphrastic Review, Fathom, and The Sunlight Press. Bryana takes delight in thunderstorms, loose-leaf tea, green countrysides, and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Her work can be found online at www.bryanajoy.com.

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