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Borders by Leanne Moden


some maps imply a knowledge so profound

that we might view their borders as a truth

but maps are circumspect and honour-bound

a contract is no substitute for proof

a border is an elemental thing

its barricade a permeable thought

there is a hinterland to which we cling

a false dichotomy however fraught

we each must stand somewhere in No Man’s Land

as points in an uncountable array

the border is a castle in the sand

and soon the tide will wash the lines away

a border is a barricade to break

a border is a dull persistent ache

Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden is a poet, performer and workshop leader, based in Nottingham. She's performed at events across the UK and Europe, including WOMAD, the BBC Edinburgh Fringe Slam, TEDx WOMEN, and Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Leanne is currently working on her first full-length theatre show, and her second pamphlet of poetry will be published by Burning Eye Books in July 2020.

About this poem

Borders is a poem about boundaries and the shifting spaces between them. It was written as part of the 28 Sonnets Later Project, where four poets write 28 sonnets together every February. The project will be ten years old in 2021.


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